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Fit Phoenix
902 E. McKinley St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
5:30am - 8:00pm
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Join Our Downtown Phoenix Community

Our mission is to enable our members to achieve their personal fitness and wellness goals in an environment that serves the diverse fitness needs of people of all levels. Our environment is:

  • Community-Based

  • Challenging

  • Supportive

  • Rewarding

  • Safe

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Kevin Winningham “I’ve lost weight and kept it off for 4-5 years! I’ve lifted weights between 200-350 pounds using various lifting movements. I can do double-unders. I even ran in a 3 mile Bubble Run – I do not run! I’ve never felt a need to search out any other CrossFit gyms because Fit Phoenix has everything I need.”
– Kevin Winningham

Mona Testimonial ““I believe you get what you pay for. Luckily for me, Fit Phoenix offers the best service and quality I have seen in a gym. I feel the price equals what I am getting back in exchange. I have multiple trainers who monitor my skill level, and push me when I need it. I have a nutritionist who gives me one-on-one support, and a massage therapist who is readily available.”
– Mona Buruato

Ken Testimonial “At first, I had sticker shock. I had only ever joined those programs that cost under $50 per month. But, once I saw how much benefit I was getting, I realized I often spent money on “cheaper” gyms which I did not use. I realized that the $150 per month I was paying for unlimited access was a great deal.”
– Ken Clark

Patrick Testimonial “There are enough challenges and wisdom in this gym to last me as long as I continue doing this. I don’t plan on stopping. I recommend the gym to everyone who comments on a need to lose weight or gain strength. If you want results, join Fit Phoenix.”
– Patrick Hallman


Kim Flores
Kim FloresOwner
Kim is the owner of Fit Phoenix. She has dedicated her career to the development of wellness programs that incorporate a highly effective combination of fitness, nutrition, coaching, recovery strategies, group support and FUN.

Kim spent more than 20 years in the corporate healthcare industry before starting Fit Phoenix in 2009.

Much of her corporate discipline and customer service skills directly carried over to her business. When you join Fit Phoenix, you will find a small business that operates with the same high standards and excellent customer service of a major corporation.

Kim’s mission is to deliver a health and wellness experience that serves the diverse population of Downtown Phoenix. “It’s always been my goal to provide programs where there is something for everyone. A place where age is just a number, and everyone feels welcome walking through our doors.”

Kelsey Torres
Kelsey TorresDirector, Health & Fitness Programs
Kelsey combines her many years of experience in the fitness industry and knowledge in physiology to serve the members of Fit Phoenix. As the Director of Health & Fitness Programs, Kelsey oversees Fit Phoenix’s Sweat Shop, CrossFit, Kids, Nutrition and Weight Loss programs. She is responsible for development, delivery and member support.

Kelsey’s passion is guiding members towards healthier lifestyles using tools available, for a broad population, through Fit Phoenix’s diverse services.



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