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CrossFit is a training program where participants can expect to increase strength and improve cardiovascular fitness through workouts that include a variety of functional body movements (lunge, squat, push, pull, twist, etc.). Each day the workout varies, testing different areas of your functional strength and conditioning. The goal is to train your body to be capable of performing everyday tasks effectively and efficiently, and preparing your body for work, sport, or simply improved quality of life.

In our CrossFit classes, under the careful guidance of certified trainers, you will first focus on perfecting functional movements without added weight or intensity. The next step is adding barbells, kettle bells, jump ropes, and weighted medicine balls to the mix. The intensity of your workout will build as your cardiovascular fitness improves.

There are many rumors about CrossFit being dangerous or too hard for the average individual. This is simply not factual. Everyone who chooses to live a full and active life must be able to perform functional movements effectively and at a reasonable pace. The downstream effect of not training your body for these movements or maintaining your cardiovascular health is the risk of multiple health issues that, will take away from your quality of life as you age.



The Sweat Shop includes cardio and strength classes that are based on functional movements and are designed for all fitness levels. Whether you are looking to decrease body fat, build lean muscle mass or simply begin your fitness journey, the Sweat Shop has something for you.



Fit Phoenix’s very popular Boot Camp program includes a perfect combination of strength and aerobic training. Our experienced coaches work with all levels of participants, modifying movements and intensity levels for beginners and creating a more challenging workout for Boot Camp warriors. In a Boot Camp workout, you may do calisthenics like push-ups, lunges, and crunches combined with sprints, interval training and bodyweight or light-weight strength training.



Fit Phoenix is an Iron Athlete affiliate. Iron Athlete was founded by esteemed Valley weightlifter, August Schmidt. The Woodshed training facility is home to our premier Olympic & Power Lifting programs and coached by Matt Foreman. Matt is an elite, national weight lifting competitor and coach of many national champions.

Fit Phoenix’s lifters are coached personally by Matt who helps them achieve new goals and personal records at an amazing pace. All athletes are welcome in the Woodshed, but must first demonstrate proficiency in the movement patterns associated with the clean, jerk, and snatch.

Due to popular demand, a Powerlifting program managed by Matt was recently added to the schedule.


[email protected] is a small, growing, community outreach 501(c)(3) non-profit program, operated under the Fit Phoenix umbrella, that aspires to help every kid in the Garfield Neighborhood, and eventually Downtown Phoenix, lead healthier lives.

[email protected] provides exercise and nutrition programs help children from low-income families, free of charge.  A majority of the demographic surrounding our facility is unable to afford organized fitness programs.  To insure a sense of belonging and inspire commitment to the principles taught at our gym, we also provide branded athletic clothing and tennis shoes.  We offer nutritious snacks to the participants and their parents to expose them to new and healthy food choices.

Research shows that children, like adults, need exercise.  Regular exercise helps children feel less stressed and more confident.  Children who exercise regularly are healthier, do better in school and develop life-long healthy habits.  In the midst of a national epidemic of obesity and diabetes, the best protection is healthy eating, weight control and regular exercise.



Fit Phoenix has been offering programs that specifically serve the 40+ population for more than three years. These programs have increased in popularity and growth reflecting a clear need to serve the very active lifestyles of this Phoenix population.

Our team developed a Master’s program specifically linked to scientific studies and results – proven to be effective for the 40+ body. We first worked to develop a better understanding of how the aging body is more susceptible to exercise-induced muscle damage, and slower in adaptation, repair and recovery. We also studied movements commonly performed in the gym to better understand which ones were protective of the aging body versus those that put a 40+ population at unnecessary risk. Armed with that knowledge, we developed a program that is challenging, rigorous and safe for our 40+ population.

Masters members are encouraged to attend our specifically developed classes, as well as classes that are part of our Sweat Shop program.



Fit Phoenix’s Fuel for Performance program combines nutrition education, meal planning and macronutrient tracking to support a healthy balanced nutrition model. The Fuel for Performance program allows Fit Phoenix clients to achieve goals that include weight loss, reduction of body fat, increase of lean muscle, improved performance in their sport or in the gym, and more.

The premise of the program is based upon a mindful eating approach to nutrition. By increasing awareness of what food is made of, establishing an individually designed daily meal plan, and carefully tracking ongoing results, clients will be in a position to make better choices and quickly achieve their goals.

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