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Fit Phoenix’s Fuel for Performance program combines meal planning, macronutrient tracking, online and face-to-face support to help our members make the lifestyle changes necessary to get results.

Our members work together with nurse practitioner and nutritionist, Julie Hinman, to achieve goals that include weight loss, reduction of body fat, increase of lean muscle, improved performance in their sport, in the gym, or simply, in life! Many of our clients use this program to prepare for special events like weddings, reunions, or competitions – weight lifting, tough mudders, 5ks, marathons and more.

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The premise of the program is based upon a mindful approach to nutrition. The program steps include:

  • Consult with our nutritionist and establish your individual goals.
  • Learn how the source, quality, timing and balance of macronutrients in food can affect your unique physiology and subsequently your weight, body fat and lean muscle.
  • Receive your individually designed macronutrient prescription and supporting daily meal plans.
  • Begin to use our tools for tracking daily and reporting daily macronutrient consumption.
  • Collaborate regularly with the nutritionist to evolve your program ensuring maximum results.


Our program includes:

  • Monthly face-to-face meetings where we capture body composition measurements including body fat, weight, lean muscle mass, circumference measurements and photos.
  • Bi-weekly telephone status checks
  • Online support tools for individual meal tracking and progress reporting
  • Direct communication access to the nutritionist
  • Peer support through a private community group chat

It’s no secret that sticking to a nutrition or fitness program is easier with the support of others. Through our group chat community, you will have the support of like-minded people who will cheer you on, help you with ideas to meet your goals, share workout tips, support you when you struggle and celebrate your success. Surrounding yourself with a positive support group increases your odds for success – some incredibly strong bonds and friendships have been created through the Fuel for Performance program! The Fuel for Performance model works with any diet. Some of the most popular include Gluten-free, Diary-free, Keto, carb cycling, Vegan, Paleo, Zone, and IIFYM.

3-2-1 Go! Getting Started

To get started, you must make a 3-month commitment to the program. As we begin our journey together, both sides make a significant investment in your individual program. Also, no one achieves long-lasting lifestyle and behavior change in a short period of time. Your success will be linked to your own personal long-term commitment to the program, combined with our proven model and support tools.

We bill monthly for the program and provide a discount for a longer-term 6-month commitment.

  • 3-months $447 ($149 billed monthly)

Added Bonus

Did I mention our nutritionist is also a professional chef? A complete meal delivery service is available only to Fuel for Performance participants. These delicious meals and snacks are made with the highest quality ingredients, and are fully labeled with ingredients and macronutrient information. Meals are $12 each and snacks range in price from $3 to $8.

If you are interested in learning how to meal prep for yourself, Chef Teresa also offers a Meal Prep 101 course. A private class is $249 (includes kitchen education and 5 days of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks. We also periodically offer small group classes for $149 per person.


Even if you are ready to move full steam ahead, we recommend you sign-up for our FREE consultation. The program is not for everyone. The Fuel for Performance program is rigorous – most people fail because they are not ready to make the commitment and set aside the time for education, meal planning, advanced food preparation and tracking – all key components required for success in the program.

The FREE consultation includes our online pre-consultation survey where we gather information about your medical history, current diet, lifestyle, and current activity level. Once this is completed you will be scheduled for a 20-minute phone call with our nutritionist who will explain the program in detail and answer your questions. The two of you together will determine if this program will be a good fit for you.

To get started, click on the button below to schedule your FREE consultation.

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