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We strive to improve the overall health and wellness of our members. We offer the highest quality fitness programs with integrated nutrition and wellness education, resulting in long-lasting lifestyle change.

Our programs do not ignore the dirty little details, like core strengthening, stretching, cardio conditioning, soft tissue therapy, nutrition, recovery, sleep and life balance. We offer programs that are simple to follow – show-up and the coaches will guide you.



Our staff and coaches are knowledgeable, energetic, motivated, and interested in you and your well-being.

Kim Flores
Kim FloresOwner
Kim is the owner of Fit Phoenix. She has dedicated her career to the development of wellness programs that incorporate a highly effective combination of fitness, nutrition, coaching, recovery strategies, group support and FUN.

Kim spent more than 20 years in the corporate healthcare industry before starting Fit Phoenix in 2009.

Much of her corporate discipline and customer service skills directly carried over to her business. When you join Fit Phoenix, you will find a small business that operates with the same high standards and excellent customer service of a major corporation.

Kim’s mission is to deliver a health and wellness experience that serves the diverse population of Downtown Phoenix. “It’s always been my goal to provide programs where there is something for everyone. A place where age is just a number, and everyone feels welcome walking through our doors.”

Kelsey Torres
Kelsey TorresDirector, Health & Fitness Programs
Kelsey combines her many years of experience in the fitness industry and knowledge in physiology to serve the members of Fit Phoenix. As the Director of Health & Fitness Programs, Kelsey oversees Fit Phoenix’s Sweat Shop, CrossFit, Kids, Nutrition and Weight Loss programs. She is responsible for development, delivery and member support.

Kelsey’s passion is guiding members towards healthier lifestyles using tools available, for a broad population, through Fit Phoenix’s diverse services.

Bri VanHyning
Bri VanHyningCoach
Bri discovered CrossFit in 2013 while pursuing a degree in Exercise Science at ASU and instantly fell in love with how effective, universal and inclusive it was. She never considered herself much of an athlete, but by challenging herself with CrossFit workouts, she began to see major changes in her own health and fitness levels, which inspired her to begin the journey to coach others.

Bri began volunteering with our CrossFit Kids program in 2014, which only enhanced her desire to teach people of all ages, shapes and sized about functional fitness and how life-changing it can be. Bri’s positive attitude makes any task seem possible and her knowledge of traditional strength and conditioning protocols helps her serve our Fit Phoenix members by making them stronger and faster than ever. Bri’s passion for Olympic Lifting was sparked by what she learned in CrossFit. She is now a national level Olympic Lifter and regularly competes in both local and national meets.

Fredo Lopez
Fredo LopezCoach
Besides coaching CrossFit, Fredo helps Fit Phoenix members stay healthy and injury-free through his expert knowledge in mobility, stretching, and core strengthening. Fredo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Wellness from ASU. He also has a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate and is a certified Rock Tape Performance Movement Techniques coach.

Fredo is hard working, always follows through and is a team player. In his work with people, which is typically on a very personal level, Fredo is able to quickly gain their trust and confidence.
Teresa Hansen
Teresa HansenNutritionist
When it comes to using the principles of nutrition and behavior modification to help support a healthy lifestyle, you are in great hands with Teresa. With a BS in Nutrition from ASU, and a Culinary Arts certificate from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Teresa is well-prepared to work with individuals wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, or make nutritional adjustments due to medical conditions. She strives to help people take control of their health and make lifestyle changes that are livable and sustainable.

Teresa’s unique background allows her to approach food and nutrition from both a strong academic background, with the goal of improving a client’s health, as well as a professional chef’s approach, inspired by food that tastes good. Teresa’s clients range from women and men with weight loss goals to elite athletes looking to improve their performance in their sport through optimal nutrition models.

Matt Foreman
Matt ForemanOlympic Lifting Coach
Matt Foreman has been involved with Olympic weightlifting since 1988. As a competitive lifter with over 25 years of experience, he was a two-time University National Champion, five-time medalist at the American Open, Olympic Trials competitor, Team USA member at the World University Championships, silver medalist at the Pan Am Masters Championship and two-time American Masters Champion, also holding multiple state records and regional championships across the United States. He was a member of the Calpian Weightlifting Club’s 2000 National Team Championship.

In addition to his athletic record, Matt has also been a coach for over 20 years. He has been the coach of several programs at the high school, collegiate, and private sector levels, working with hundreds of athletes over the years and leading them to lifetime best performances. Competitively, he has coached at the Junior and Senior National levels, the American Open, the US Olympic Trials, and hundreds of state and local competitions. He has also worked as a coach on two national championship teams, Team Arizona in 2005 (Junior National Championship) and Catalyst Athletics in 2016 (Senior National Championship).

Matt is the author of two books on Olympic weightlifting, Bones of Iron and Olympic Weightlifting for Masters, in addition to publishing over 200 articles in the sport. He also teaches weightlifting clinics and coaching certification courses for Iron Athlete, along with being a featured lecturer at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Politically, he was on the USAW Board of Governors for ten years as an Athlete’s Representative for the state of Washington.

Jeff Song
Jeff SongMassage Therapist & Coach
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