1. You’re not seeing the results you want

If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks, or months, and aren’t losing weight or reaching your goals, working with a trainer may be a good choice. A trainer can look at your current exercise and eating habits and recommend changes to create a more effective program. At Fit Phoenix’s Fitness HUB, our trainers work hand-in-hand with our on-staff nutritionist to create integrated fitness and nutrition programs designed to help clients reach their goals faster.

2. You don’t know where to start

Walking into a gym with a lot of machines and free weights can be intimidating. Many people don’t know how to use the equipment, or how to put together an exercise regimen or strategy that makes sense. Finding the time to research every machine, and the different types of exercises, while trying to create a workout plan can be a bit stressful. In many situations it is identified as the major deterrent keeping people from getting started.

3. You’re tired of the same routine

Did you know many people benefit by simply adding variety to their workouts? If you’re an experienced exerciser, you probably haven’t considered working with a personal trainer since you already know how to use the machines, and are adept at creating your own programming. A trainer can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas that challenge both your body and your mind. You will mostly likely notice a change in your fitness results too. The brain does a great job of adapting to physical movement, but it also creates efficiencies, especially when performing the same movements over time. this can result in reduced energy output – not necessarily what you want if your goal is to burn calories, reduce fat or build muscle.

4. You want more of a challenge

If you’re like me, you sometimes slack off on your workouts, especially when you’re fatigued or sore, or distracted by things outside of the gym, like school and homework! A trainer can encourage you to temporarily set those things aside and motivate you to push past your current limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself a little more than you would on your own. You’ll find it’s very hard to slack off with your trainer standing over you, telling you to do just one more rep!

5. You want to learn how to exercise safely on your own

Even if your goal is to create your own workouts and exercise on your own, hiring a trainer for a few sessions can be a great benefit, especially to help you learn proper form and technique. Your personal trainer can help you identify exercises that target certain muscles, and show you how to use them to achieve specific results. Often clients hire us to create their individual exercise plan, providing monthly programming updates, that they then follow on their own.

6. Accountability and Motivation

Not only are you investing money into your exercise program, you’re investing time as well. There’s nothing like a standing appointment to get your butt in gear for a workout. Also, a personal trainer provides ongoing accountability by giving you homework assignments. Homework may include extra skills to work on during your off-time or maybe extra core strengthening work. Just knowing that you will be asked to report on the extra practice or core work  helps keep you accountable.

7. You might have a specific illness, or injury

If you have health issues like arthritis, heart disease, or musculoskeletal injuries, working with a personal trainer can help you stabilize or slow the progression of an illness, heal injuries and minimize the occurrence of other health issues in the future. Keep in mind that you want to find a personal trainer who has experience with your situation, and who is willing to work closely with your doctor and/or physical therapist to keep you safe and achieving the best results.

8. You’re getting ready for an event

If you’re training for a marathon, a tough mudder or some other type of sport event, a personal trainer can help you figure out what you need to do to prepare, stay strong, and remain injury-free without taking away from your other training. A personal trainer can also help create a training program and map out a plan for the coming event.



9. To improve your health and be an all-around BADASS!

This part is up to you – exercising consistently and making healthier choices in your daily nutrition and lifestyle habits is all it takes to be fit. You don’t have to starve, count calories or even give up the food you love, you just have to show-up and work at it. Fit people find a way to enjoy exercise; they prioritize their health and fitness; they don’t diet; they don’t compare their bodies to others; they eat breakfast; they get enough sleep; they eat well most of the time; they support each other; and they are active outside of the gym.




Fredo Lopez

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