[email protected] is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization serving the Garfield Neighborhoods in Downtown Phoenix. The kids are supported by a program director, fitness coaches, and a nutritionist.

The mission of [email protected] is to help children create a foundation of health and wellness through participation in physical activities balanced with knowledge about healthy eating habits.

Take advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit by making a donation to [email protected]  before the end of the year.

We’ve operated out of Fit Phoenix, in the heart of the Garfield neighborhood, for more than seven years. In this low-income area, more than half of the residents are foreign born and less than 6% have a college degree. Crime and gang related activity have been prevalent in the area, however, a recent push for revitalization of the neighborhood is present.

Kids from low-income families are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. According to Tom Boyce, Chief of UCSF’s Division of Developmental Medicine, socioeconomic status is the most powerful predictor of disease, disorder, injury and mortality. YOU CAN IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF GARFIELD KIDS BY DONATING HERE.

Our goal is to help underprivileged kids, in our own backyard, develop healthy habits and improve their individual health while serving as a positive role model for their families and peers. Through your donation and support you can be a powerful influence on our kids. DONATING YOUR TIME AND MONEY TO A NON-PROFIT also looks great on your resume!

One of our greatest success stories involves a young man who joined our program when he was eleven years-old. Aaron suffers from hemophilia. His parents enrolled him in our program so he could be active and healthy in a safe environment. Aaron has spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Because of his personal experience, Aaron’s dream was to become a healthcare professional so he could help soften the experience for young children in similar situations. Aaron became the first in his immediate family to graduate from high school and attend college. Today he is attending NAU’s Nursing Program on a full academic scholarship. You may MAKE A DONATION AND HELP KIDS LIKE AARON HERE.

Through the [email protected] program we also help teenagers learn about money management and help them gain independence through a part-time employment program. Kids who qualify for this program work part-time at Fit Phoenix earning an hourly pay slightly higher than minimum wage. Parental support and continued good grades are both prerequisites for the program.

Our kids credit a large part of their success to the education they received and the tools they were given while participating in the [email protected] program. We hope to continue to provide this opportunity to the Garfield kids through various recruitment efforts in the neighborhood. YOU CAN HELP TOO BY MAKING A TAX DEDUCTABLE DONATION.

With new members comes the need for additional funds to cover coaching staff, equipment, general program supplies, and facility operations expense. Additional funds will also allow us to bring in more members and provide additional educational resources.

Please consider making a donation to support the [email protected] Program. We do not receive any tax dollars or public funds. Since we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) Charitable organization your donation is tax deductible.

You may donate quickly and securely at DONATE TO [email protected] TODAY! or by sending your tax deductible donation check to [email protected] at 902 E. McKinley Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006.